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Person Page 230

James Cobb1,2

born UNKNOWN, died between 29 October and 30 November 1792
  • Father: Henry Cobb (born 1687, died between 29 September and 27 November 1763)
  • Mother: Mary Hardy (born UNKNOWN)

Family: Elizabeth McGlauhon (born 1725, died 1808)

Facts and Notes

  • Birth: UNKNOWN
  • Death: Between 29 October and 30 November 1792; Bertie County, North Carolina, USAB1,2
  • Marriage: 1748; Elizabeth McGlauhon; Bucklesberry, Bertie County, North Carolina, USAB3
  • Note: James also remained in Bertie County, North Carolina, perhaps inherting his father’s property. He married Elizabeth and they had four sons: Henry, William, James, and Jesse. William was born in Craven County, North Carolina, in 1730. This suggests that the family might have moved from Bertie County at that time or, more likely, were visiting someone in Craven County (Elizabeth's family?).
    REF: Cobb. JE Cobb, JR (Col, USA ret), Date and publisher unknown, pg 91.


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