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Henry Cobb1

born 1687, died between 29 September and 27 November 1763

Family: Mary Hardy (born UNKNOWN)

  • James Cobb (born UNKNOWN, died between 29 October and 30 November 1792)
  • John Cobb (born about 1750, died between 8 September and 30 November 1809)

Facts and Notes

  • Death: Between 29 September and 27 November 1763; Bertie County, North Carolina, USAB1,2
  • Birth: 16871
  • Note: Henry was the first Cobb of the Alabama lineage to settle outside of Virginia. He apparently settled in Bertie County, North Carolina, (date unknown) thereby beginning the southward-westard migration of the Alabama Cobbs.
    REF: Cobb. JE Cobb, JR (Col, USA ret), Date and publisher unknown, pg 91.

    According to JE Cobb, Henry also had another son named William.


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