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Richard Woodson1,2,3,4,5

born 21 September 1787, died 3 July 1822

Family: Rachel P. Robertson (born 1792, died 1847)

Facts and Notes

  • Burial: Chariton County, Missouri, USAB1
  • Religious Affiliation: Methodist1
  • Birth: 21 September 1787; Prince Edward County, Virginia, USAB6,2,7
  • Marriage: 16 April 1812; Rachel P. Robertson6
  • Marriage: 2 May 1812; Rachel P. Robertson; Campbell County, Virginia, USAB3,4,5
  • Marriage: 16 May 1812; Rachel P. Robertson7,2
  • Arrival: 1817; Missouri, USAB; he was one of the first American settlers of the state and made the journey west from Virginia by the wagon road through the wilderness7
  • Anecdote: Between 1817 and 1822; He was a man of sturdy character, and contributed largely to the development of social, religious, and interests in the new state of Missouri7
  • Occupation: Before 1822; Farmer, Civil Engineer1,2,7
  • Death: 3 July 1822; Chariton County, Missouri, USAB; He died at his home6,2,7


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