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Person Page 120

Rachel P. Robertson1,2,3,4,5,6,7

born 1792, died 1847

Family 1: Richard Woodson (born 21 September 1787, died 3 July 1822)

Family 2: John Bell, Col., (born UNKNOWN)

Facts and Notes

  • Name:2,5
  • Name:2
  • Anecdote: Rachel P. Robertson, a lady of Scotch and English ancestry, a descendent of John Rolfe, and was considered a very beautiful woman, distinguished for her religious zeal2,5
  • Birth: 17927
  • Marriage: 16 April 1812; Richard Woodson1
  • Marriage: 2 May 1812; Richard Woodson; Campbell County, Virginia, USAB3,4,8
  • Marriage: 16 May 1812; Richard Woodson5,2
  • Marriage: After 1822; John Bell, Col.,2
  • Possessions: 2 April 1829; Chariton County, Missouri, USAB; West half of the NE quarter of Section 17 in Township 52 (north of the Missouri River), Range 18W6
  • Death: 1847; Age: 557
  • Note: His widow, some years afterward, was married to Col. John Bell, judge of the supreme court of Missouri. By this second marriage she had two children: Mary Bell, who died young; and John P. Bell, who married Miss Piney Wilson of Saline county, Missouri. No issue. (Woodson, Harry Morton, Historical Genealogy of the Woodson and Their Connections)


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