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Featuring the Bauer-Cobb-Reyes-Woodson families and their relations.

Note: Please see the "Attribution" link for guidance on using digital products posted on this website.

This database is an ongoing effort to collect and disseminate information on the Bauer, Cobb, Reyes, and Woodson families and their relations. Every effort is made to document and cite the information contained within the database; however, as any experienced genealogist knows, the reliability of the citations can vary greatly and consideration should be given to any source of information you might chose to use. If you have better source material than I have cited and would like to share it, I would be happy to include it in the next updated iteration of the database; please send it to the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

This website is divided into multiple sections that can be accessed using the buttons along the top of this page. The “Surname Index” page lists all the surnames associated with the database; from it a person can navigate to the pages containing facts and, if available, photos of the individual family members associated with the genealogy. The “Notable People” page shows a growing list of the more remarkable people in the database and their achievements; do not despair if your notable ancestor is not listed, as this list is focused primarily on the main family lines that I am researching. The “Brickwalls” page provides a list of the genealogical brick walls and dead ends associated with the database; I would greatly appreciate any documentary evidence you might be able to provide to help break down these brick walls and dead ends, and I highly encourage researchers—especially Cobb family researchers—to read this page before conducting research on the site. The “Stories” page provides histories passed down orally from generation to generation. The "Cemeteries" tab provides a list of the cemeteries associated with many, but not all, of the people in this database and can be used to see which people are buried near one another. The “Charts” page contains descendant and pedigree charts for selected individuals in the database, and the “Calendar” page provides a calendar view of the genealogical events within a particular month. The “Search” page allows a user to enter certain criteria to search the database for specific individuals.

I have posted most of the information I have collected to this website. However, in some cases I might have additional information available, so feel free to send an e-mail to robsgenealogy if you have any questions. If you find the website useful, please pass its link to fellow genealogists who might also be interested.

Good luck and happy ancestor hunting!