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William Cowper Woodson1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

born 14 February 1813, died 25 May 1890
Painting of William Cowper Woodson attributed to George Caleb Bingham. (Courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis)

Family 1: Elizabeth Daniel Lewis (died April 1844)

Family 2: Juliette Colson Howard (born about 1820, died 31 January 1897)

Facts and Notes

  • Religious Affiliation: Methodist3
  • Birth: 14 February 1813; Prince Edward County, Virginia, USABGO2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Arrival: 1817; Chariton County, Missouri, USABGO; He moved with his family from Virginia3
  • Anecdote: After 1817; Chariton County, Missouri, USABGO; See person note below3
  • Education: About 1831; Princeton College, Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky, USABG1,3
  • Marriage: 25 November 1834; Elizabeth Daniel Lewis2,3,12
  • Marriage: 29 July 1845; Juliette Colson Howard; Monticello, Chariton County, Missouri, USABG3,10,13
  • Residence: 1850; District 82, St Louis, Missouri, USABG; Age: 387,3
  • Occupation: Between 1850 and 1860; St Louis, Missouri, USABGO; Farmer. In 1850 he owned $8000 worth of real esate; by 1860 that had risen to $30,000 and he owned another $6565 in personal wealth1,3,8,7
  • Residence: 1860; Central City, St Louis, Missouri, USABG; Age: 478
  • Residence: After 1861; St Louis, Missouri, USABGO3
  • Residence: 1870; Ward 5, St Louis, Missouri, USABG; Age: 58; Census Post Office: Saint Louis4
  • Occupation: Between 1870 and 1880; St Louis, Missouri, USABGO; Tobacconist. By 1870 his real estate had fallen to $8000 and his personal wealth to $1000; his wealth was not listed in the 1880 census4,9,1,3
  • Residence: 1880; St Louis, Missouri, USABGO; Age: 68; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Self9
  • Death: 25 May 1890; St Louis, Missouri, USABGO; Died at age 77 years, 3 months, and 11 days of bronchitis and pneumonia5,2,3,6,11
  • Burial: After 25 May 1890; Bellefontaine Cemetery, 4947 West Florissant Avenue, St Louis, Missouri, USABG1,5,6
  • Note: Henry Morton Woodson wrote the following about William Cowper Woodson in the Historical Genealogy of the Woodsons and Their Connections:
    "William Cowper...early became identified with the development of the social, religious, and commercial interests of that part of the new state of Missouri. The conditions peculiar to a pioneer life, amidst which he was brought up, developed the hardy virtues which later became conspicuous in his life. He received his primary education in the schools convenient to his boyhood home, and finished at Princeton College, Kentucky. He was married twice; first on November 25, 1834, in Chariton county, to Elizabeth Daniel Lewis, daughter of Edmond Lewis, a brother of Henry Lewis, who married Elizabeth Woodson. This Lewis family and that of Richard Woodson, left Virginia and moved to Missouri together.
    William Cowper spent 11 years farming in St. Louis county, after which he engaged in the tobacco business. He was a devout member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which he was a faithful and efficient officer, aiding by material and moral support, in all the church's activities. He also filled several civil offices, in which he proved himself a citizen on whom the state could depend. His first wife died in April 1844 at Monticello, in Chariton County Missouri. He was married a second time on July 29, 1845, to the widow Mrs. Juliet Colson Coale (nee Howard), formerly of Owensboro, Kentucky. They were married at Monticello, in Chariton County.
    In 1850 they moved to St. Louis county and settled on a farm, situated on what became Olive Street Road, nine miles from the city of St. Louis, where it crosses the Woodson Road, which was so named for him. He was one of the promoters of the extension of this road through the county to Howell's Ferry, also of the St,. Louis Fair Association and a large stock holder in both enterprises.
    Soon after the beginning of the Civil War, thinking -- as did many others -- that the property of all Southern people in that section would be confiscated by the Federal government, he sold his farm and moved to St. Louis. Here he spent the rest of his life, and died May 25, 1890, honored and respected by all who knew him. He was a good man."


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