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Annie Lucille Richards1,2,3,4,5,6

born 23 July 1901

Family 2: Roland Chappell Cobb (born 23 December 1895, died 16 December 1958)

Facts and Notes

  • Name:
  • Name:6
  • Marriage: Roth Easley Hook6
  • Anecdote: Roland Chappell Cobb; See person note7
  • Birth: 23 July 1901; Belk, Fayette County, Alabama, USABGO2,3,4,5,6
  • Residence: 1910; Lee, Fayette County, Alabama, USABGO; Age: 10; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter2
  • Residence: 1920; Fayette, Fayette, Alabama, USABGO; Age: 18; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter5
  • Residence: 1930; Douglas, Coffee County, Georgia, USABGO; Age: 28; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife3
  • Residence: 1935; Fayette, Fayette, Alabama, USABGO4
  • Residence: 1 April 1940; Fayette, Fayette, Alabama, USABGO; Age: 38; Marital Status: Divorced; Relation to Head of House: Head4
  • Note: Martha Stone Cobb Daniel wrote the following about Rowland Chappell Cobb and Annie Lucille Richards: "Rowland Chappell Cobb married Lucile Richards after World War I. Rollie was quite some guy - He and Richard had a slide from their upstairs window to a nearby pond which was used by day as a quick approach to swimming - by night it was a quick escape for the evening - Don't ask me, please, how they managed their return for bed - Boys will be boys - Rollie enlisted in the Army in World War I, and was soon on his way "Over There". His duties were driving a Red Cross Truck at which he performed an excellent job - You see, Pa Cobb's first car was a Cadillac, and Rollie was the first to drive, my that had been just great for the Army - Rollie returned after the War was over and all the family were there - I do remember Rollie had dated many attractive girls, not to mention the gay mademoiselles, but when he met Lucile with her limpid brown eyes, he knew for sure this was the mate he had been searching for, so this courtship was not prolonged as Lucile could not resist his charms. They lived in Vernon for quite some time. Occasionally, he was known to get out for just a little spree with one of his buddies, and they would drive round and round the Courthouse, twas said this action was to keep down suspicion - You know, I think they were most clever, whoever else but Rollie would have thought of that! Rollie had seen much of the world and Vernon had so little to offer, they moved away. Maybe the fact that Bobby was so hard on Mary Wallace's cats had something to do with the move rather than to face Mary Wallace's tantrum of fury. She so readily lashed out after Bobby had just had about with the many cats."


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