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Frances Pendleton1,2,3,4


Family: John Browning (born UNKNOWN)

Facts and Notes


  1. [S439] , McNaull, Margaret, Personal Family Tree, Margaret McNaull Genealogical Records, Copies sent to Marianna Cobb on 11 May 1993.
  2. [S436] , Woodson, Robert S., Brief Family History of Robert S. Woodson, Robert Woodson states that Middleton Singleton attended Missouri State University in 1847. However, he probably meant the University of Missouri, which was established at Columbia in Boone County in 1839; Missouri State wasn't established until 1905.
  3. [S703] Judith McGhan, Genealogies of Virginia Families (Vol I; Albridgton - Gerlache), pg 417
  4. In Margaret McNaull thought that John Browning's wife was named "Mary Ann" Pendleton, and Robert Woodson initially thought she was named "Lucy" Pendleton, but may have had second thoughts because "Lucy" appears to have been crossed out. The "Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine," which gives her name as "Frances" appears to be the most authoratative; it also matches the Culpepper marriage record for John Browning.