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John B Browning1,2,3

born 16 April 1749, died 25 September 1813

Family: Elizabeth Strother (born 18 January 1758, died 1 October 1823)

Facts and Notes

  • Birth: 16 April 1749; Virginia, USAB1,4,2
  • Anecdote: About 1769; His brother Charles Browning, married Mary Wade Strother, his wife's sister4
  • Marriage: 1774; Elizabeth Strother1,4
  • Military: Between 1776 and 1782; Revolutionary War; See person note4,2
  • Residence: Before 1813; Rappahannock County, Virginia, USAB; John Browning settled at the foot of Aaron's mountain, near Laurel Mills, now in Rappahannock County, on the plantation given to him by his father-in-law, Capt. John Strother4
  • Death: 25 September 1813; Virginia, USAB; Age: 642,4
  • Burial: After 25 September 1813; Rappahannock County, Virginia, USAB; He was buried in the family burial ground on his land4
  • Note: He enlisted at the beginning of the revolution and was at Valley Forge. He served through the eight years of the war, refusing a discharge that was offered him because of poor health, and was in the Yorktown campaign. When the flag-staff he was carrying was shot in two, he raised it again aloft and carried it to the end of the battle at Yorktown. According to the SAR application, he served as a lieutenant.


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