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Lelia R Bogle1,2,3,4

born 9 October 1882, died 15 August 1966
Photo of Lelia Bogle Cobb, circa 1910. (Photo:

Family: James Bryant Cobb (born 19 February 1887, died 2 June 1959)

Facts and Notes

  • Name:5,6,7,1,8
  • Anecdote: James Bryant Cobb; See person note1
  • Birth: October 1880; Alabama, USAB3
  • Birth: 9 October 1882; Millport, Lamar County, Alabama, USAB6,5,7,4,8
  • Residence: 1900; Millport, Lamar County, Alabama, USAB; Age: 19; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter3
  • Residence: 1910; Millport, Lamar County, Alabama, USAB; Age: 24; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife8
  • Residence: 1935; Millport, Lamar County, Alabama, USAB7
  • Residence: 1 April 1940; Millport, Lamar County, Alabama, USAB; Age: 57; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife7
  • Death: 15 August 1966; Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, USAB; Death Age: 834,5
  • Burial: After 15 August 1966; Millport City Cemetery, Millport, Lamar County, Alabama, USAB5
  • Note: Martha Stone Cobb Daniel wrote the following about James Cobb and Lelia Bogle: "James B. Cobb married Lelia Bogle, who was most gay and attractive - No one quite knew how long it took her to win the handsome Jim Cobb away from the flattering local school teachers he felt his duty to keep amused - My, he was a flirt - He slipped out Daddy's new grey suit, and a courting he did go - Daddy waited up until his return - What happened then must have sounded like the battle of Bunker Hill - Uncle Jim was a lovable soul in spite of his appetite for alcohol. Daddy loved Uncle Jim, but, oh my, when shipment of livestock would arrive from the market, his only prayer was that he could sell every single horse and mule before Uncle Jim could arrive - Aunt Lelia was a doll - Once she was going to Columbus by train to her dentist, as she was boarding, she frantically realized she had left off her drawers. This was a horrible catastrophe! She returned home and the next day boarded the train dressed properly as a lady should be, calmly kept her appointment with her dentist a day late - We always loved to see Aunt Lelia coming as she would be elegantly dressed in the very latest attire that Harry Barrantine, her nephew, had sent her. Harry did not know lie was also keeping us all informed as to the latest fashion trends with Aunt Lelia as our model."


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