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Person Page 675

John Woodson1

born about 1658, died about 1715/16

Family: Judith Tarleton (born UNKNOWN)

Facts and Notes

  • Marriage: Judith Tarleton1
  • Birth: About 1658; Curles Plantation, Henrico County, Virginia, USAB1
  • Death: About 1715/16
  • Occupation: Before 1716; Merchant1
  • Note: This is the "Cousin" (nephew) John Woodson mentioned by his uncle, John Woodson, in his will dated August 20, 1684.
    There is a looking-glass which formerly belonged to Charles Van Der Veer Woodson of Prince Edward county, which bears this inscription: "This glass belonged to Stephen Tarleton who was my great-grandfather, and died in the year 1687. I have had the present frame put on it this 14th of December, 1794. Signed, Charles Woodson."

    "Burke gives but one family of Tarletons in England; to which belonged Sir Banister Tarleton, the British Ranger during the revolution. They were seated at Lintwardine, County Hereford, and bore for arms, gules, a chevron; erminos between three cinquifoils, or: Crest; on a wreath between two ostrich feathers, arg, a mural crown, thereon a leopard's head. Motto: Post Nublia Phoebus. There is no doubt that it was into this family that Sir Tholllas Fleming married before emigrating to Virginia. (Americans of Gentle Birth, V. 1. p. 360.)


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