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Person Page 227

Catherine A. Allison1

born about 1813

Family: Williamson Robert Winfield Cobb (born 8 June 1807, died 1 November 1864)

Facts and Notes

  • Name:
  • Name:2
  • Anecdote: See person note3
  • Birth: About 1813; IrelandB2
  • Marriage: 1 September 1825; Williamson Robert Winfield Cobb; Madison County, Alabama, USAB1
  • Residence: 1860; Bellefonte, Jackson County, Alabama, USAB; Age: 472
  • Note: Person Notes:

    Catherine is buried with her husband Williamson and his brother Bryant in "Cobb Cemetery" in Madison County near the Flint River bridge on the old highway 431 leading from Big Cove towards Owens Crossroads. In June 1994 Mary Jane and I visited the gravesite, which is located on the original tract of land settled by David Cobb. At that time the graveyard was in a copse of trees surrounded by a cornfield. The graveyard was in very poor shape and the headstones were broken and weathered; however, Bryant Cobb's headstone was still fairly legible and, with some imagination, one could still make out Katherine' and Williamson Cobb's headstones. The size and layout of the graveyard suggests that additional people are also buried there -- more than likely David and Martha Cobb.

    Note: John Allison, husband of Nancy Cobb, may have been Catherine's brother.


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