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Person Page 114

Hans-Jurgen Bauer

born 8 May 1961, died about 8 January 2013
  • Father: Erich K. Bauer (born 30 April 1929, died 27 November 2006)
  • Mother: Maria Goth (born 24 October 1934, died 16 March 1998)

Facts and Notes

  • Birth: 8 May 1961; Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB
  • Death: About 8 January 2013; Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB; My mother, Marianne Bauer Reyes, called me on 11 Jan 2013 to inform me that Hans Jurgen had died about 3 days ago. According to what she was told by our relatives in Germany, people in his apartment building noticed that his TV had been on continuously for several days. They called the police, who entered his apartment and discovered his body lying in his bed. We do not know the cause of death.1
  • Note: As of 1993 was still unmarried and living at home.


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