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Green Mercer Richards1,2,3,4,5,6,7

born 7 September 1798, died 7 October 1878
  • Father: James Richards (born about 1776, died after 15 December 1850)
  • Mother: Love Mercer (born about 1781, died after 21 July 1861)

Family: Sarah 'Sally' Rice (born 9 January 1807, died 13 November 1871)

Facts and Notes

  • Marriage: Between 1785 and 1857; Sarah 'Sally' Rice; South Carolina, USABGO8
  • Birth: 7 September 1798; Georgia, USABGO9,10,11,6,7
  • Military: Between 1812 and 1815; War of 1812. Pvt serving in Georgia Militia under Cpt Samual Clay and Cpt Green Brantley2
  • Possessions: 28 April 1824; W half of NE quarter, Section 14, Township 17, Range 11 W, Huntsville Meridian, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, USABG; Sale of 80 Acres of public land1
  • Marriage: 25 November 1824; Sarah 'Sally' Rice; Fayette County, Alabama, USABGO12,3,6
  • Residence: 1830; Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, USABGO13
  • Residence: 1840; Fayette County, Alabama, USABGO14
  • Residence: 7 October 1847; Davis Creek, Fayette County, Alabama, USABG5
  • Residence: 1850; Division 15, Fayette County, Alabama, USABG; Age: 529
  • Residence: 1860; Eastern Division, Fayette County, Alabama, USABG10
  • Residence: 1866; Fayette County, Alabama, USABGO4
  • Residence: 1870; Township 16 Range 13, Fayette County, Alabama, USABG; Age: 70; Census Post Office: Fayette11
  • Death: 7 October 1878; Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO6,7
  • Burial: After 7 October 1878; Old Harmony Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama, USABG; South of Vernon on property of Mr. Charles Hudgens, 5544 Mud Creek Road (CR-10), Millport, Alabama 35576 (33.6084480N, 88.2372561W).7


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