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Obadiah Woodson1,2,3

born about 1712, died 21 April 1767

Family: Constance Watkins (born UNKNOWN, died 1773)

Facts and Notes

  • Title: Captain1,4
  • Birth: About 1712; Henrico County, Virginia, USABGO1,2,3
  • Marriage: 1734; Constance Watkins; Prince Edward County, Virginia, USABGO1,2,3
  • Residence: About 1750; Appomattox County, Virginia, USABGO; The Woodson-Biglow Home "Happy Valley" was built by Captain Obadiah Woodson in about 1750.4
  • Anecdote: 1755; Virginia, USABGO; See person note1
  • Military: Between 1757 and 1758; Virginia, USABGO; He was a captain of a Prince Edward Co volunteer militia company during the French and Indian War, participating in several expeditions against the Shawnee Indians from 1757-1758. A letter addessed to Capt Woodson by Gov Dinwiddie is in the Note section4,1
  • Will: 9 September 1766; Will signed on 9 Sep 1766; Will proved on 21 Nov 17671
  • Death: 21 April 1767; Prince Edward County, Virginia, USABGO; Age: 553,4
  • Note: Henry Morton Woodson, in his book the Historical Genealogy of the Woodsons and Their Connections, included the transcription of a letter written to Obadiah Woodson from Governor Dinwiddie (the letter part of the Dinwiddie Papers in the Virginia Historical Collection:

    "Governor Dinwiddie to Captain Obadiah Woodson.
    Nov'r 20th, 1755.

    I rec'd y'rs of the 13th y's Day, I am sorry for the Disappiont't in not having men sufficient to undertake w't you propos'd ag'st the Shawnees, and of the Disappointm't of the Cherokees. I am afraid I was imposed on by Pearis, their interpreter, and I hear the Shawnees have gone to the So'w'd to join the Creeks, and have left y'r Town, but y's wants confirmat'n. Under these disappoitm'ts, I am of the opinion you had better ret'n, and if any thing can be done in Feb'ry or March we may then endeav'r to prosecute w't you formerly propos'd, and if you are not near Capt. Hogg, I suppose the Inhabit'ts will take care of the Fort built by Capt'n Smith. Sam'l Overton proposes to go at the above time on the same project if hereafter it sh'd be tho't eligible. I am glad no mischief has been lately done to the Ind's, and I hope the Inhabit'ts will return to y'r plantat's, as they have Forts to retire to on occasion or in any Distress.
    I doubt not of y'r frugal care of the money you had, and I hope I will suffice till you retu'n.
    I am, with respect,
    S'r Y'r most h'ble Serv't,"


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