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Alexander Allen Cobb1,2,3,4,5,6,7

born 5 March 1820, died 21 November 1887
Photo of Alexander Cobb. This portrait was hanging in the courthouse in Vernon, Alabama, in August 2004. (Photo:

Family 1: Caroline A. Wallace (born UNKNOWN)

Family 2: Priscilla Mildred Murray (born 10 May 1832, died 15 March 1890)

Facts and Notes

  • Anecdote: See person note8,9
  • Birth: 5 March 1820; Madison County, Alabama, USABGO1,7,10,5,6
  • Residence: 1844; Fayette County, Alabama, USABGO11
  • Anecdote: Between 1844 and 1866; Alexander came from north Alabama to Fayette in 1844. He was the county Tax Assessor & Circuit Court Clerk in 1846. Became a merchant and shopkeeper in 1849. Moved to Mississippi in 1850s but returned after several years. Representative, 1861-1866.11,9
  • Marriage: 24 April 1844; Caroline A. Wallace; Mississippi, USABGO; Martha Stone indicates the marriage took place in "Lavender County"; however, I could find no reference to that county1
  • Marriage: 10 December 1846; Priscilla Mildred Murray; Fayette County, Alabama, USABGO; She was about 12 years younger than him, and was born in 1832.1
  • Residence: 1850; Lowndes County, Mississippi, USABGO; Age: 30.The family remained in Mississippi for at least five years, long enough for William A. Cobb to be born, but had returned to Alabama by 1860.2
  • Occupation: 1850; Lowndes County, Mississippi, USABGO; Planter, with real estate holdings valued at 100 dollars. John W. Mallory, age 24, apparently acted as clerk and resided with the family on the farm for at least part of 1850.2
  • Residence: 1860; Middle Division, Fayette County, Alabama, USABG; Age: 403
  • Occupation: 1860; Middle Division, Fayette County, Alabama, USABG; Merchant farmer with real estate worth about 1500 dollars and a personal estate of about 1000 dollars.3
  • Occupation: Between 1861 and 1865; Alexander Cobb was elected State Representative for Fayette County in 1861, 1863, and 1865.12
  • Residence: 1870; Big Pond Post Office, Sanford, Covington County, Alabama, USABG; Age: 506
  • Residence: 1880; Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO; Age: 60; Marital status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Self5
  • Probate: 21 August 1881; Alabama, USABGO; Identified as the son of Bryant Cobb in estate procedings13,14
  • Death: 21 November 1887; Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO; Died of Brights Disease when he was 67 years old1,7
  • Burial: After 21 November 1887; Vernon Cemetery, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama, USABG7
  • Note: Alexander Cobb served as Probate Judge for much of his life. His first job as Probate Judge was in Madison County, around 1841, where his father and grandfather (John C. Grayson) served as JP's.

    Martha Stone Cobb Daniel wrote the following about Alexander Cobb: "Our great grandfather, Alexander Cobb, came to Columbus, Mississippi from Huntsville, Alabama and whether or not he was related to Alabama Governor Hamner Cobb, I do not know. Alex Cobb, as he was known, was an attorney and settled in Columbus where he met and married Priscilla Murray. Possibly he found competition too great but, nevertheless, his famous remark was 'he would move to a small town so his sons would one day amount to something.' Thus the Cobbs invaded the small town of Vernon, Alabama. Alex continued to practice law and later was elected as Probate Judge of Lamar County where he served in that capacity until his death. When I worked in the Probate Office many, many years later, I was told by some of the old-timers that Judge Cobb was a great man and a fine gentleman, and that no one could question the fairness of his court decisions. They told me there would never be another Alex Cobb. I felt that I had some contact with the grand old man as my recording duties required many copies of old records and several happened to be signed by Judge Alexander Cobb, and I found his signature always to be large, bold, and beautiful, and, through his penmanship, I felt I knew something of the man himself. The old-timers said he gave the clock which was still hanging on the wall."

    E.A. Powell wrote the following about Alexander Cobb in his book Fifty-Five Years in West Alabama: "Alexander Cobb is a native of North Alabama, a nephew of the late invincible W. R. W. Cobb, who beat all the crack men who could be brought against him for Congress in the Huntsville District. Alexander Cobb came to Fayette county about the year 1844, as a merchant: was elected Clerk of the Circuit Court, which office, I think, he resigned and moved to Mississippi, and engaged in commercial business. Afterward he returned to Fayette county previous to the time of his first election. In the House he took the position always awarded to extraordinary good sense and close attention to business. He is not what may be termed a polished speaker, but is very forcible and the opponent who tackles him may look out for blows that will be felt whenever they strike, and they are almost sure to hit. Mr. Cobb is now a candidate for the third term as Probate Judge of Lamar county. He refuses to let his claims to before a Convention, and the people have heretofore sustained him in so doing. He is a Democrat of the Free Trade School. In office he is courteous and obliging; discharges his duties to the satisfaction of all parties, by sinking the partizan into the officer. As a citizen he is held in high esteem by all who know him. (Since the foregoing was written the election has taken place, and Mr. Cobb has been elected by a very large majority over several good men.)"


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