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Michael Friedmann1,2

Family: Johanna Christina Mader

Facts and Notes

  • Occupation: Master shoemaker1
  • Anecdote: 1823; Family lore indicates that in 1823 he inherited fishing rights along the Wiesent River in Bavaria, Germany, from his father-in- law, probably after he and Johanna were married.2
  • Note: The family record indicates that Michael Friedmann was born in 1800 and is the father of Georg Adam, while the genealogist's report indicates that he is the father of Catharina and grandfather of Georg Adam. If the genealogist's report is accurate, then Michael Friedmann would have been born much earlier than 1800, since, according to the genealogist's research, Catharina was born in 1799.


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    Not certain that Josef Bauer was the source of this information, but it did come from one of the Friedmann descendents in Germany. The cover letter with the compiler's name, date the information was sent, and the source of the information has been lost