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b. 11 May 1748, d. 5 December 1839
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     Jacob WOODSON was born on 11 May 1748 at Prince Edward County, Virginia. He was the son of Obadiah WOODSON and Constance WATKINS. Jacob WOODSON married Elizabeth MORTON, daughter of John MORTON and Elizabeth ANDERSON, on 4 November 1773. Jacob WOODSON died on 5 December 1839 at Prince Edward County, Virginia, at age 91.
     Jacob WOODSON was A soldier in the Revolution. 1 He He was a man of vigoruous personality, active in colonial affairs and a soldier in the Revolution; held many important offices, and was highly esteemed for his great integrity. His old home "Happy Valley," on the Appomatox, was standing as late as 1911, its rows of ancient box trees and moss-covered well, enhancing its picturesque beauty. He was married November 4, 1773 to Elizabeth Morton, daughter of John Morton and Elizabeth Anderson. She was a sister to Captain John Morton, who was the US minister to Bordeaux, France (see Americans of Gentle Birth, vol I, p 362). 1

This probably the same Jacob Woodson that had a grant of 390 acres in Buckingham County, adjoining land of Chiles, Richard Holland, Flemsterd Ranson, and James Coleman (Land Officc, Treasury Warrant no. 19831, issued 10 October 1783 and 29 July 1789).

JACOB WOODSON b. May 11, 1748, in Prince Edward Co., m. Elizabeth Morton, daughter of Capt. John Morton, Nov. 1, 1775.
Our records and the Woodson book give different dates for his birth and also for his marriage, but the dates which I give are on his tombstone at Happy Valley.
From Americans of Gentle Birth, Vol. 1, p. 362:
"He was a man of vigorous personality, active in colonial affairs, and soldier in the Revolution. He held many important offices, and was highly esteemed for his great integrity. His old home, Happy Valley, still stands in a good state of preservation, its rows of ancient box trees and moss- covered well enhancing its picturesque beauty. He married Elizabeth Morton, sister of John Morton, Minister to France."
(M.M. - I remember as a small boy the old well which is the only one I ever saw in actual operation with the old well sweep.)
Bradshaw gives the following facts about Jacob:
1776 - Nov., Took the oath of office as Justice of Prince Edward Co.
1779 - Aug., Appointed as a Lieutenant in the Militia
1779 - Promoted to Captain in the Militia. Robert Goode and Jacob Woodson were authorized to furnish corn to the soldiers' families
1784 - Served as a Company Captain in the Revolutionary War
1785 - Elected Prince Edward Co. Magistrate. Signed the Statute for Religious Freedom written by Thomas Jefferson.
1818-19 - Served another term as sheriff.
Jacob died at Happy Valley Dec 5, 1839.
Mr. Van Nes Allen sent my Aunt Mary a photograph of the tombstone in the old cemetery at "River Circle" which is the present name of the estate.

To the memory of
Jacob Woodson
Born May 11, 1748
Died Dec. 5, 1839
in the 91st year
of his age
"The heavy head is a crown of glory if it be found in the way of righteousness."

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Children of Jacob Woodson and Elizabeth Morton Woodson:
1. Obadiah, b. April 6, 1775, d. Sept. 1864
2. Mary, b. April 6, 1775, drowned in the Appomattox River at age of two
3. John Morton Woodson, b. June 28, 1778, d. at Camp Carter in War of 1812
4. Nancy, b. April 3, 1780, m. Mr. Hix of Hixburg, Va. They went to Missouri.
5. A still-born child b. Dec. 6, 1781
6. Jacob, Jr., b. Aug. 14, 1783, d. March 8, 1823
7. Sally, b. Aug. 4, 1785, d. July 24, 1871. Lived at Happy Valley, never married.
8. Richard, b. Sept. 21, 1789, d. July 3, 1821, m. Miss Robertson moved to Missouri.
9. Elizabeth (Betsy) b. April 22, 1790, m. Henry Lewis, they went to Missouri.
10. Patsy, b. Sept. 11, 1792, d. April 18, 1871
11. A son, "Some deformed', died at birth.
12. Judith, b. Nov. 30, 1796, m. Silas Biglow in 1871
13. Agnes Morton Woodson, b. June 22, 1799, d. Aug. 26, 1823, with a fever.2

Children of Jacob WOODSON and Elizabeth MORTON
Obadiah WOODSON b. 6 Apr 1775, d. Sep 1864
Mary WOODSON b. 6 Apr 1775, d. 1777
John Morton WOODSON b. 28 Jun 1778, d. c 1812
Nancy WOODSON b. 3 Apr 1780
Jacob WOODSON b. 14 Aug 1783, d. 8 Mar 1823
Sally WOODSON b. 4 Aug 1785, d. 24 Jul 1871
Richard WOODSON+ b. 21 Sep 1787, d. 3 Jul 1822
Elizabeth WOODSON b. 22 Apr 1790
Patsy WOODSON b. 11 Sep 1792, d. 18 Apr 1871
Judith WOODSON b. 30 Nov 1796
Agnes Morton WOODSON b. 22 Jun 1799, d. 26 Aug 1823


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  2. [S18] Unknown compiler, Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, VA..


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