Tomas Cuaron1

M, b. 25 March 1925, d. 17 June 2002
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FatherFlorencio Miranda Cuaron1,2 b. 9 Oct 1899, d. 10 Jan 1995
MotherRefugia Martinez2 b. 5 Jun 1904, d. 9 Feb 2004
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Gravestone of Tomas and Felipa Cuaron in Dona Ana Cemetery in New Mexico. Photo taken in September 2003.
     Tomas Cuaron was born on 25 March 1925 at Dona Ana, Dona Ana County, New Mexico.3,2 He married Filepa R. (?) [wife of Tomas Cuaron].3,1 Tomas Cuaron died on 17 June 2002 at age 77.4 He was buried at Dona Ana Cemetery, Dona Ana, Dona Ana County, New Mexico.3


Filepa R. (?) [wife of Tomas Cuaron] b. 23 Aug 1918, d. 19 Jan 1995


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