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Jean Laumon1

born about 1685, died about 1721

Family: Peyronne Graneyrie (born about 1689, died about 23 October 1719)

Facts and Notes

  • Marriage: Peyronne Graneyrie1
  • Occupation: He was, in French, a "vigneron," which is literally translated to mean "vine grower."1
  • Birth: About 16851
  • Death: About 17211


  1. [S48] Yves Martinie, Compiler: Yves Martinie, Martinie, Yves, Personal Family Tree, Martinie, Yves. Personal Family Tree. Privately held by, Paris, France, 2012.

    A paper copy of the geneaology was given to Robert Reyes and is the basis for this information. Yves family tree is also posted online., Yves Martinie's Genealogical Records