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George Payne

born before 1686, died 1744

Family: Mary Woodson (born about 1678, died after 1744)

Facts and Notes

  • Anecdote: See person note below1
  • Birth: Before 1686; The birth date assumes he would have been at least 18 years old when he married Mary Woodson in 1704.1
  • Marriage: About 1704; Mary Woodson1
  • Occupation: Between 1728 and 1729; Goochland County, Virginia, USAB; Justice on the Circuit Court
  • Death: 1744; Goochland County, Virginia, USAB1
  • Note: Henry Morton Woodson wrote the following in the Historical Genealogy of the Woodsons and Their Connections:
    "From the frequent intermarriages of members of the Payne family of Goochland county, with families resident in the Northern Neck (such marriages very seldom taking place in other Goochland families), it would seem very probable that George Payne came from that section of Virginia. It seems very likely that he was the 'brother George Payne' named in the wills of Richard Payne of Lancaster county, 1709; and of William Payne of Lancaster 1726. They were sons of William Payne and wife Susannah Merriman, daughter of Richard Merriman, Gent., of Lancaster." (Va. Hist. Mag.,Vol. VI., p. 314, Jan. 1899.)
    "The first Goochland county court was held May 21 to June 1, 1728. The first justices were Col. Thomas Randolph of Tuckahoe, presiding, John Fleming, Allen Howard, William Mayo, John Woodson, Tarleton Fleming and Edward Scott. To these were added in 1728-9, William Cabell, George Payne and James Holman. In 1732 John Fleming and Dudley Diggs were the burgesses. In 1736, Edward Scott and James Holman. In 1740 Capt. James Holman and Capt. Thomas Randolph. The sheriffs were John Woodson, 1732-34: George Payne 1734-37: Peter Jefferson 1737-39: Robert Payne 1738: Arthur llopkins 1739-4t: Thomas Turpin 1741-43: Jallles Daniel (who married Elizabeth Woodson, 1743-44 and Isaac Pates 1744." (See The Cabells and Their Kin.)
    "George Payne died in 1744. His will is dated December 3, 1743, and proved January 15, 1744, in Goochland, and names sons John Payne, George Payne, Josias Payne, and wife, Mary. Also granddaughter Agnes Payne, and grandsons Augustin Payne and Jesse Payne. His widow, Mary Woodson, was at this time about sixty-six years old, and probably survived but a few years. The date of her death is not known."


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