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Robert Woodson

born about 1660, died 1729

Family 1: Sarah Lewis (born UNKNOWN)

Family 2: Rachel Watkins (born UNKNOWN)

Facts and Notes

  • Marriage: Sarah Lewis1
  • Marriage: Rachel Watkins1
  • Anecdote: See person note below1
  • Birth: About 1660; Curles Plantation, Henrico County, Virginia, USAB2
  • Death: 1729; Curles Plantation, Henrico County, Virginia, USAB1
  • Note: Henry Morton Woodson wrote the folling in the Historical Genealogy of the Woodsons and Their Connections:
    Robert was born about 1660 at Curles in Henrico county, Virginia where, he spent his entire life, and died there in 1729. His will was recorded in Henrico Court, February, 1729. In it he calls himself Robert Woodson, Sr., to distinguish himself from his son and three of his nephews, all of whom bore the name of Robert. He also names in the will four of his sons and three of his daughters. As he had ten children, it is likely that the three not named in the will were dead at that time. He was twice married; first, to Sarah Lewis who was probably a sister of John Lewis of Warner Hall. John Lewis and Lydia, his wife, first settled on Poropotank Creek in 1653. To them were born, probably a number of children; one of whom was Major John Lewis, who married Isabella. To these last was born, November 30, 1669, John I.ewis who married Elizabeth Warner, daughter of Col. Augustine Warner and wife, Mildred Read. It is probable that Sarah Lewis, wife of Robert Woodson, was a daughter of Major John Lewis and Isabella. This family became very prominent in colonial affairs and in the annals of Virginia.
    Robert Woodson married, second, Rachel Watkins. " Various branches of the Woodson family number members of the Watkins family among their ascendants. There are several families of this name found among the old settlers. They are of Welch origin; descending from James Watkins "labourer" who was one of the emigrants in the Phoenix about 1608, and who frequently accompanied Captain John Smith in his adventures and voyages of discovery on the "Chisapeack Bay." Some branches of this old and highly honored family settled in Powhatan, Appomattox, Cumberland and other counties in Virginia. Some of the early members of the family engaged in the occupation of manufacturing trays, and for several generations their descendants were called "Tray makers." "Henry Watkins of Malvern Hill, born 1637, was a Quaker. In his will, 1717, he mentions sons, Henry (sometime member of the house of burgesses, and married Mary Crisp), John, Benjamin, Joseph, and Stephen." (See Catalog by F. N. Watkins.) As this will was witnessed by Robert Woodson, it is quite likely that his second wife, Rachel Watkins, was a daughter of Henry Watkins of Malvern Hill.


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