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Joseph Morton1

born 1709, died 28 June 1782

Family: Agnes Woodson (born 27 February 1711, died 10 March 1802)

Facts and Notes

  • Birth: 17091
  • Marriage: About 1730; Agnes Woodson1
  • Residence: 1745; Little Roanoke Bridge, Charlotte County, Virginia, USAB1
  • Occupation: 1769; Charlotte County, Virginia, USAB; justice of the peace1
  • Occupation: Before 1782; Surveyor1
  • Anecdote: Before 1782; See person note below1
  • Death: 28 June 17821
  • Note: He was founder of Briery Presbyterian Church, was first ruling elder and first trustee. Was trustee visitor and manager of Hampden Sidney College; justice of the peace of Charlotte county 1769, and member of the committee of safety in Charlotte county, February, 1775. (See Foote's Sketches of Virginia, vols. I and II.) This Joseph Morton was a nephew of Thomas Morton who married Agnes' sister Elizabeth Woodson.


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