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Casimir Bauer1,2,3

born 24 December 1876, died 19 September 1962
Photo of Casimier Bauer in German military uniform, circa 1914. (Photo courtesy of Gerhard Huberth)

Family 1: Marianne (born 17 July 1888, died 5 March 1964)

Family 2: Marie Anna Kroener (born 19 May 1876, died 2 September 1926)

Facts and Notes

  • Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
  • Birth: 24 December 1876; Tütschengereuth, Bamberg, Bayern, GermanyB4,1,2,5,3
  • Marriage: 14 August 1899; Marie Anna Kroener; Bischberg, Bamberg, Bayern, GermanyB4,1
  • Residence: 1914; Bamberger Str 14, Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB; Age: 381
  • Military: Between 1918 and 1919; Served in World War 11
  • Anecdote: Before 1962; Tütschengereuth, Bamberg, Bayern, GermanyB; See person note6
  • Death: 19 September 1962; Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB2,3
  • Burial: After 19 September 1962; Forchheim Town Cemetery, Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB2
  • Note: Person Notes:

    Casimir grew up with his three brothers on a "Bauernhof" - a large German farm in Bavaria near Tütschengereuth. We don't know the names of Casimir's brothers, although Casimir’s grandson thinks that one of them might have been named Hans. All of the brothers knew about brick making because the “Bauernhof” had its own brick kiln, which was used to supply bricks and tiles for small construction projects around the farm and in the neighborhood.

    When their father died, the family estate was settled per German tradition of the time: the oldest brother inherited the farm, while the three younger brothers, including Casimir, received money. Knowing about the brick-making trade, the three younger brothers pooled their money to buy a brick factory in nearby Forchheim, a medium-sized city located north of Nuremberg. The brothers built their factory at the base of a hill on the eastern side of Forchheim (it is thought to have been in the vicinity of 49-42-60N 011-05-32E). They extracted the clay for the bricks from the hill, and fired them in three large kilns. The factory made primarily building bricks because the clay was not pure enough to make roof tiles. The brothers divided their responsibilities: Casimir was in charge of the machinery and so ensured that the plant had the power necessary for operations; one brother ran the administrative offices; while the third was in charge of sales.

    The factory apparently prospered for a while. At some point, however, the factory began to accumulate debts. One of the largest debts was to the factory's coal supplier. When that debt grew to sufficient size, the coal merchant gave the owners one week to pay, or he would foreclose. The brothers could not come up with the payment, so they lost the factory. According to one family story, the reason that the factory could not pay its debts was because one of the brothers stole all the money and ran off to America (possibly immigrating through Philadelphia).


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