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Christian Josef Bauer1

born 18 September 1839, died 6 August 1887

Family: Hanna Maria Benkert (born 8 May 1837, died 20 January 1903)

Facts and Notes

  • Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic1
  • Birth: 18 September 1839; T├╝tschengereuth, Bamberg, Bayern, GermanyB1
  • Marriage: 30 June 1870; Hanna Maria Benkert; T├╝tschengereuth, Bamberg, Bayern, GermanyB; Date smudged and therefore might not be accurate1
  • Occupation: Before 1887; Owner of brick factory2
  • Death: 6 August 1887; T├╝tschengereuth, Bamberg, Bayern, GermanyB1
  • Note: Person Notes:

    Opened a brick factory. Mother's name possibly Barbara Schuster. Reference register # 5/143. Death certificate Tutschengreuth Register #4. May have been a Machinist at some point in his life - at least that's what some of the German relatives have told us.


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  2. [S618] , Bauer, Erich, Family Story, Erich Bauer was Casimir's grandson; Information was related to Robert R Reyes in 2003