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Georg Adam Friedmann1

born 7 October 1824, died 19 October 1879

Family: Anna-Kunnigunde Pennig (born 18 September 1824, died 10 February 1901)

Facts and Notes

  • Occupation: "Landwirt"
  • Birth: 7 October 1824; Streitberg, Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB; He was born about 2 PM. Georg's mother was unmarried when he was born, and the name of his father has not been identified1,2
  • Baptism: After 7 October 1824; His father's name is not entered in the baptismal register and he is identified as "unknown"1
  • Marriage: 26 January 1851; Anna-Kunnigunde Pennig1,2
  • Anecdote: 26 August 1857; Family lore indicates that he inherited fishing rights along the Weisant River in Bavaria, Germany, from father, although he probably actually received them from his grandfather2
  • Death: 19 October 1879; Streitberg, Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB; Age: 551,2


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