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Sybil Sheetz1,2

born about 1566

Family: Richard Cobb (born 1550, died 1600)

Facts and Notes

  • Death: In EnglandB3,4
  • Anecdote: Richard Cobb; Find A Grave website says that Richard and Sybil had 16 Children, but only Joseph (their 7th child) is known.3
  • Birth: About 1566; EnglandB; In his book, John E. Cobb suggests that Sybil was born in Holland.1
  • Birth: 1566; NetherlandsB3,4
  • Marriage: 1576; Richard Cobb; NetherlandsB5
  • Marriage: About 1587; Richard Cobb; EnglandB; Individual records posted by members of the LDS Church to the Pedigree Resource Files, differ with regard to the date of marriage. Most indicate they were born in 1576 (some even specifically claim 8 November 1576 as the date of marriage); others suggest they were married in about 1587. I choose to use 1587 because those records claimed to have sources backing up their assumptions.6,2
  • Note: At least one website claimed that Sybil bore Richard as many as sixteen children.


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