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Person Page 242

Robert Price1,2

born before 1791, died 1824

Family: Frances S. Chappell (born 24 December 1792, died 21 December 1848)

Facts and Notes

  • Religious Affiliation: Methodist1
  • Anecdote: Frances S. Chappell; See person note1
  • Birth: Before 1791; Charlotte County, Virginia, USAB1
  • Marriage: 11 February 1807; Frances S. Chappell; Charlotte County, Virginia, USAB2,1
  • Immigration: 1820; Lawrence County, Alabama, USAB1
  • Death: 18241
  • Note: In Early Settlers of Alabama, James Saunders wrote that the marriage ceremony was performed by Reverend Alexander Eale, who moved to Lawrence County, Alabama afterward. Robert sent some of his hands (slaves?) to Lawrence County in 1819 and followed with his wife in 1820. He purchased a valuable tract of land and improved his real estate holdings very much before dying four years later. He and Frances had six children, all born in Virginia except the last, who was born in Alabama but died within a few years.


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