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Person Page 236

Nicholas Cobb1,2,3

born 1611, died 1686

Family: Susan, [wife of Nicholas Cobb], (born UNKNOWN)

Facts and Notes

  • Marriage: Susan, [wife of Nicholas Cobb],4
  • Birth: 16111
  • Arrival: 1667; Virginia, USAB3
  • Death: 16861
  • Probate: 8 May 1686; Nicholas Cobb. Nuncupative, proven by William Blunt, age 60 years and Richard Bell and his wife Sarah Bell. Leg.-son Nicholas; son Edward; daughter Mary; daughter Sarah.2
  • Note:
    In 1635, Nicholas Cobb was transported from the port of London aboard the English silip “The William” to St. Christopher Island in the Caribbean. In 1663, he received a land grant of 202 acres on Pagan Creek in Isle of Wight County near Joseph Cobb’s Goose Hill plantation for the importation of his wife Susan, three daughters-Mary, Susan and, Jane and Jane Howard. In 1664, Nicholas acquired an additional 900 acres in the same area. Although Nicholas was perhaps the wealthiest of the three early Cobb (Ambrose Cobb was the third) immigrants, genealogists have done little to uncover his background. His movement from England, first to the British Virgins, then to the Tobacco lands of Virginia suggests initial involvement in commerce or slave traffic. His noncupative will places his death in Isle of Wight County in 1686, as recorded in Isle of Wight will/deed book Vol. 2 page 249:
    “The deposition of William Blunt, aged 60 years or thereabouts, being sworn sayeth that being at the house of Mr. Nicholas Cobb that night he was taken sick and died, being sent for by him, he decided to take notice of what he sayd. He sayd that he did give unto his sonne Nicholas twelve pounds; and he did give his son Edward his land and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for want of such heirs to his daughter Mary and the heirs of her body lawfully gotten; and he did give to his daughter Sarah twelve pounds, and his personal estate to his sonne Edward and his daughter Mary to be equally divided between them two and further sayeth not. May 8, 1686.” (sic)
    signed William Blunt
    Richard Bell and
    his wife being sworn his mark
    sayeth the very same Richard X Bell
    with William Blunt and Sarah X Bell
    further sayeth not.

    REF FOR CHAPTER ON NICHOLAS COBB: Cobb. JE Cobb, JR (Col, USA ret), Date and publisher unknown)


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