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Michael Bauer1

born 20 October 1906, died 4 December 1958
Photo of Michael Bauer, circa 1955. (Photo:

Family: Margareta Wolf (born 12 July 1909, died 7 August 1970)

Facts and Notes

  • Religious Affiliation: Catholic
  • Birth: 20 October 1906; Bischberg, Bamberg, Bayern, GermanyB; Bischberg is near Bamberg2,1,3
  • Military: About 1944; FranceB; WW2; German Army (Wehrmacht) Signal Corps4
  • Anecdote: About 1944; See person note4
  • Occupation: After 1947; Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB; Worker in glue factory.4
  • Death: 4 December 1958; Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB1,3
  • Burial: 8 December 1958; Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB3
  • Note: Person Notes:

    Military service in German army signal unit during World War II; captured in France by Allied forces in 1945. Lived most of adult life at Kasernstrasse 9, Forchheim Germany. Note that one reference lists birth date as 13 Oct.

    The following was related to me by Eric Bauer when I visited him in August 2003:

    "According to Erich, his father served for two years in the "Black SS" at the start of the war, and was stationed in Forchheim (see media folder for picture of building). Michael Bauer apparently joined for practical (not philosophical) reasons, since SS members received a regular paycheck and Michael could use that money to feed his large family. In fact, according to his daughter Marianne, Michael would often complain about Hitler while in the house, and was warned by his wife Margarete to be quiet or risk being sent to one of the concentration camps (the apartment in which they lived was surrounded by families, any of which might overhear his criticism and report him to the authorities).

    Erich said that his father was in the signal corps and was stationed at St. Nazaire in France. He enjoyed life in France and was apparently quite taken with the young ladies, despite being married. After returning to Forchheim following his first tour in France, he used to complain to Erich about how he missed France. He used to play cards with his friends in the local Gasthaus, exchanging war stories and recollections about their life in the Army. Erich ran into him often at the Gasthaus, and used to kid his father that he was going to tell Mother about his excapades in France. Michael would joke back, telling Eric that he better not "or else.."

    Erich also said that his father told him that the German soldiers in St. Nazzaire could not go out alone, especially at night, or the fishermen of the village might ambush them. His father told him that one of the favorite weapons that the fishermen used against the Germans was the gaf.

    Nevertheless, Michael secured a transfer back to France, where he remained until he was captured by the Allies during their advance into northern France. He was imprisoned in a POW camp, where he remained until his release in 1947, after which he returned to Forchheim.

    This ends the information that I obtained from Erich. It should be noted that none of the other siblings I spoke with (Josef or Marianne) were aware of these events. However, Erich was the oldest and would have been more aware of what was happening, and might also have been taken into confidence by his father.

    On 26 April, 1945, Michael Bauer was awarded the KREIGSVERDIENSTKREUZ 2.KLASSE (War Merit Cross Second Class) MIT SCHWERTERN (with swords). I do not have the citation accompanying the medal, but according to some sources on the internet, it was originally created to fill the gap between oustanding service to the country by both civillian and military personnel, but not worthy of a combat medal such at the Eiserne Kreuz. It came in two classes (2nd and 1st) and with/without swords. It could be awarded for "16 battle days and contributing time and effort above the normal duties of the unit, or purchasing an authentic vehicle or crew served weapon. Efforts may include: recruiting, providing loaner gear, making equipment or uniforms etc."


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