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Laura Chappell Price1,2,3,4,5,6,7

born 9 May 1859, died 2 January 1922

Family: Rowland Wallace Cobb (born 9 December 1853, died 1 April 1932)

Facts and Notes

  • Name:8,9,10,11
  • Anecdote: Rowland Wallace Cobb; See person note below.1
  • Birth: 9 May 1859; Alabama, USABGO4,8,5,1,11,10,9
  • Residence: 1860; Lowndes County, Mississippi, USABGO12
  • Residence: 1870; Township 15 Range 15 (formerly Sanford County), Lamar County, Alabama, USABG; Age: 115
  • Marriage: 24 December 1874; Rowland Wallace Cobb; Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO; Ceremony performed by D.M. Rush at the residence of W.L. Morton (Laura's brother-in-law). Roland's father, Alexander, a Judge of Probate witnessed and signed the license. Roland's brother, William A., was a witness and the best man.2,1,13,6
  • Residence: 1880; Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO; Age: 21; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife4
  • Residence: 1900; Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO; Age: 41; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife11
  • Residence: 1910; Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO; Age: 50; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife8
  • Residence: 1920; Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO; Age: 60; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife9
  • Death: 2 January 1922; Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO7,10
  • Burial: After 2 January 1922; Vernon Cemetery, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama, USABG10
  • Obituary: After 2 January 1922; Lamar County, Alabama, USABGO; MRS. LAURA PRICE COBB
    On Monday morning, January 2nd, 1922, our loving Father called home the sweet spirit of our friend and co-worker, Mrs. Laura Price Cobb.
    After pleasant association with her for a number of years we sadly miss her. She was a member of Church from girlhood, and a charter member of the Woman's Missionary Society. She was generous to all, but nothing was too good to share with her pastors and their families. We do not think of her as being gone but as being just ahead, waiting for those she loved while here.
    In loving remembrance of the Woman's Missionary Society of Vernon, Alabama passed the following resolutions:
    First, That we extend to the bereaved family our deepest sympathies and earnest prayers.
    Second, That we commend to them her unfaltering faith in God, and the blessed hope of a renewal of family associations in a home in Heaven.
    Third, That we commend her devotion and faithfulness to her co-workers in every good work.
    Fourth, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to her husband, Mr. R.W. Cobb, to the Alabama Christian Advocate, to the Lamar Democrat and one be placed in the Minutes of our Society.
    Mrs. Hattie Shields
    Mrs. G.S. Smith
    Mrs. M.C. Lindsey.
  • Note: Martha Stone Cobb Daniel wrote the following about Rowland and Laura:
    "Rolland Wallace Cobb married Laura Chappell Price, the daughter of General Price (Etna can fill you in here) [Note: Laura Price was not the daughter of General Price, she was his 1st cousin, once removed.] who will be referred to as Nanny, duo to the fact the oldest grandchild (Ashley) could never say Grannie -- Nanny Cobb's Mother had died when she was quite young, as she was reared in a Catholic Convent until she was old enough to live with a married sister in Vernon. It was said that the sister was greatly relieved when Laura married Rolland because they were afraid she might prove to be a little fast. Of this marriage, there were ten children and two still births.
    This finishes the kaleidoscope of the ten children of Nanny and Pa Cobb - How they survived as long as they did, I shall never know, but I'm happy I can remember Nanny always in her black silk with her gold jewelry sitting in her rocker with one foot neatly tucked under her, busily knitting or crocheting - The sheer joy of knowing the tea cakes were awaiting us in the fifty-pound lard can - Children were never allowed the cakes and pies - They were reserved for adults only. Poor Lucile was chosen to teach Nanny to drive the car. This was a bit unusual, as Nanny was 65 and terrorized everyone at the rate of speed at which she liked to travel over the gravel roads - She was a small woman, but must have stood very tall in the saddle, as she was the one I am told, who was the sole disciplinarian of the entire brood.
    Pa Cobb was a dear - We were all sent to him to have our baby teeth pulled - He was clever, as well as patient to no end - He had a means of diverting attention until he had the string securely tied to the tooth, then slam went the door - Sheer magic, I would say!! An apple was our reward - It was my honor to sit next to Pa Cobb at the table after he lived with us, and the food he slipped on my plate, like the white of an egg - He knew he was getting my yellow in return tho - He taught me many things - Among these things was to hold my head up high and never fail to look the world in the eye - I shall always try to remember this."


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