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Mary Rose Sicard1,2,3

born 13 January 1903, died 26 January 2002
Photo of Mary Rose "Mimi" Sicard Russo taken at her sister's wedding on 5 May 1927. (Photo:
  • Father: Adrien Sicard (born 5 March 1869, died 18 July 1932)
  • Mother: Amelia Mas (born 13 July 1882, died 30 November 1955)

Family 1: Richard Collier Cobb (born 10 April 1899, died 8 January 1963)

Family 2: William Vandrille Russo (born 23 February 1916, died 15 March 1999)

Facts and Notes

  • Name:4
  • Name:
  • Name:
  • Occupation: Gen. Merchant4
  • Anecdote: Richard Collier Cobb; See person note5
  • Birth: About 1903; Alabama, USAB4
  • Birth: 13 January 1903; Blossburg, Jefferson County, Alabama, USAB4,2,3
  • Residence: 1910; Precinct 38, Jefferson County, Alabama, USAB; Age: 7; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter2
  • Residence: 1920; Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USAB; Age: 17; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter3
  • Residence: 1930; Precinct 20, Shelby County, Alabama, USAB; Age: 27; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife4
  • Divorce: 19 August 1937; Richard Collier Cobb; Jefferson County, Alabama, USAB; The grounds for divorce that Mary Cobb sought from her husband, Richard Collier Cobb, were changed from "cruelty" to "abandonment" during the negotiation process.6
  • Marriage: 17 January 1973; William Vandrille Russo; Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, USAB7
  • Death: 26 January 2002; Arlington Hospital, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, USAB
  • Burial: 12 February 2002; Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, USAB
  • Note: Martha Stone Cobb Daniel wrote the following about Richard Collier Cobb and Mary Rose Sicard:
    "Richard was a dear little boy, all of four when Mama and Daddy were married and Daddy said he felt as though he was his own son. As he grew older, he was up to great tricks [such] as sliding down the ladder with Rollie for an easy escape, so he was packed off to a Webb School in Bell Buckle, Tennessee - a private school for boys. This school had a reputation which was similar to Marines! Send me a boy, and I will return you a man! How long Richard stayed there, I do not recall - he ran away and joined the Navy. Why? Had not his brother been in the Army? So, with his bell-bottomed trousers, he was a delight to the girls in each port, of that I am sure - He served his duty well, whatever it was, because you know damn well, no Cobb could possibly shirk!
    When he was released from the service, he met a most beautiful girl, Mary Sicard, and they were married by her Catholic Priest in her Catholic Church. All the women loved her Priest because he reminded them of the Cobb men. He kissed them all and loved Mr. Sicard's wine served at the reception. Richard and Mary lived in Vernon for a short time and Mary proved to be a real favorite. Nanny (Laura Chappell) Cobb had lost her contact with the Convent, but she had not forgotten and she was so proud to have a Catholic daughter-in-law. Pa Cobb (Rowland Wallace) used to chuckle and tell how he would say, 'Mary, what are you going to have for supper?' He would raise his voice and attempt to imitate Mary and say "Soup" - They (Richard Collier and Mary Rose), too, soon moved away, but would return frequently for visits and always arrived at the most ungodly hours! My! Reminds me of some trips we used to take when Hugh and I were young."


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