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Middleton Glaise Singleton1,2,3,4,5,6,7

born 15 September 1821, died 16 June 1883

Family: Mary Eliza Barr (born 19 February 1829, died 7 January 1884)

Facts and Notes

  • Burial: In Columbia Cemetery, Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USAB7,3
  • Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian3
  • Title: Colonel
  • Birth: 15 September 1821; St Landry Parish, Louisiana, USAB; The place where his father owned property and where Middleton was likely born became Evangeline Parish in 19108,3,4,7,9,10,11,12,6
  • Arrival: About 1845; Missouri, USAB; According to the Brief Family History of Robert S Woodson, Middleton moved from Louisanna to Missouri in 1845.3
  • Education: After 1845; Marion College, Missouri, USAB; According to Wikipedia, Marion College was a Presbyterian work college that closed in 1844. Its three schools were located in the Missouri towns of Philadelphia, East Ely and West Ely.3
  • Education: 1847; University of Missouri, Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USAB3
  • Marriage: 23 September 1847; Mary Eliza Barr; Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USAB1,4,5
  • Residence: 1850; District 8, Boone County, Missouri, USAB; Age: 29; According to the 1850 slave census, he owned eight slaves10,13
  • Occupation: Between 1850 and 1880; Missouri, USAB; Farmer/planter. In 1850 his real estate was worth $5,400; by 1860 it had increased to $80,105 (with an addition $36,000 in personal wealth). His net worth dropped in 1870 (following the civil war) to $43,140 in real estate & $20,000 in his personal estate3,12,10,11
  • Residence: 1860; Bourbon, Boone County, Missouri, USAB; Age: 3912
  • Arrival: Before 1861; Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri, USAB; From Louisiana14
  • Military: 1861; Missouri, USAB; Colonel Singleton commanded a battalion of the Missouri State Guards under CSA General Sterling Price at the beginning of the Civil War.3
  • Residence: 1 July 1863; Bourbon, Boone County, Missouri, USAB; Age: 426
  • Residence: 1870; Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri, USAB; Post Office: Fulton; Age: 4911
  • Residence: 1880; Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri, USAB; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Self8
  • Death: 16 June 1883; Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USAB; He died from Typhoid Fever.7,3


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