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Person Page 11

Charlotte Friedmann1

born 15 September 1889, died 23 December 1967
Photo of Charlotte Friedmann Gebhardt, circa 1933. (Photo courtesy of Josef Bauer)

Family: Johann Adam Gebhardt (born 17 April 1879, died 19 March 1967)

Facts and Notes

  • Name:1
  • Birth: 15 September 1889; Streitberg, Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB1
  • Marriage: 20 June 1914; Johann Adam Gebhardt; Streitberg, Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB
  • Death: 23 December 1967; Streitberg, Forchheim, Bayern, GermanyB1
  • Note: According to my notes, Charlotte was born, died and was married (on 20 Jun 1914) in Streitberg. This was probably relayed to me by my mother or one of my uncles, but I can no longer find the source of that information. -- Rob Reyes


  1. [S574] Bauer, Josef, Freidmann Family Record, Bauer, Josef. Freidmann Family Record. Privately held by Marianne Bauer Reyes, Salinas, CA, about 1996.

    Not certain that Josef Bauer was the source of this information, but it did come from one of the Friedmann descendents in Germany. The cover letter with the compiler's name, date the information was sent, and the source of the information has been lost