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Alexander COBB (M)
b. 5 March 1820, d. 21 November 1887
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Alexander Cobb. This portrait was hanging in the courthouse in Vernon, Alabama, as late as August 2004.
     Alexander COBB was Judge Provost; Farmer. He Alexander Cobb served as Justice of the Peace or Judge Provost for much of his life. He was born in Alabama, probably in Madison County where his father (Bryant Cobb) resided. His first job as J.P. was in Madison County, around 1841, where his father and grandfather (John C. Grayson) also served as J.P.'s. 1

Alexander was married to Priscilla Mildred Murray. She was about 12 years younger than him, and was born in 1832. 2

Cobb came from North Alabama to Fayette in 1844. In 1846 he was the county tax assessor and was also the Circuit Court Clerk. He became a merchant and shopkeeper in 1849. In the 1850's, he moved to Mississippi, but returned after several years. He was the County's Representative from 1861-1866. (this is from the Fayette County website - 1998/02/09)

His first child, James W. Cobb, was born in late 1847 in Alabama. His second, John J. Cobb, was born a little over a year later, also in Alabama. But his fourth and fifth children, Roland Wallace Cobb and William A. Cobb, were born in Mississippi in 1853 and 1856 respectively. 3 (Note that the birthplace of Mary Jane Cobb, Alexander's third child, who was born in 1851, is unknown.)

The 1850 Census shows that by that time Alexander and his family had moved to Lowndes County, Mississippi. They must have just arrived, since John was listed in the census as being a year old and we can be reasonably certain that he was born in Alabama. Alexander listed his occupation as a "planter," suggesting that he was into farming. A John W. Mallory, age 24, apparently acted as clerk and resided with the family on the farm at least during part of 1850. At the time of the 1850 census, Alexander's real estate holdings were valued at 100 dollars. The family stayed in Mississippi for at least five years, long enough for William A. Cobb to be born, but had returned to Alabama by 1860. 4

By the time of the 13 Jun 1860 census, Alexander and his family had moved to Fayette County. By this time he was 40 years old and he had acquired real estate worth about 1500 dollars and a personal estate worth about 1000 dollars. In addition to his duties as J.P., Alexander now considered himself a "merchant farmer." 3

Alexander was elected State Representative for Fayette County in 1861, 1863, and 1865; he was also listed as "vice" representative with E. W. Lawrence on the 1866 election.5

Martha Stone Cobb Daniel, wrote the following about Alexander Cobb: "Our great grandfather, Alexander Cobb, came to Columbus, Mississippi from Huntsville, Alabama and whether or not he was related to Alabama Governor Hamner Cobb, I do not know. Alex Cobb, as he was known, was an attorney and settled in Columbus where he met and married Priscilla Murray. Possibly he found competition too great but, nevertheless, his famous remark was "he would move to a small town so his sons would one day amount to something." Thus the Cobbs invaded the small town of Vernon, Alabama. Alex continued to practice law and later was elected as Probate Judge of Lamar County where he served in that capacity until his death. When I worked in the Probate Office many, many years later, I was told by some of the old-timers that Judge Cobb was a great man and a fine gentleman, and that no one could question the fairness of his court decisions. They told me there would never be another Alex Cobb. I felt that I had some contact with the grand old man as my recording duties required many copies of old records and several happened to be signed by Judge Alexander Cobb, and I found his signature always to be large, bold, and beautiful, and, through his penmanship, I felt I knew something of the man himself. The old-timers said he gave the clock which was still hanging on the wall." 6

Alexander died of Brights disease at Vernon, Alabama, on 21 November 1887, at the age of 67. 7 He was born on 5 March 1820 at Madison County, Alabama. He was the son of Bryant COBB and Mary (Polly) GRAYSON. Alexander COBB married Caroline A. WALLACE on 24 April 1844 at Lavender County, Mississippi. Alexander COBB married Priscilla Mildred MURRAY, daughter of Richard MURRAY and Agnes MOORE, on 10 December 1846 at Fayette County, Alabama. Alexander COBB died on 21 November 1887 at Lamar County, Alabama, at age 67.8 He was buried circa 25 November 1887 at Vernon Cemetery, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama.8

Children of Alexander COBB and Priscilla Mildred MURRAY
James Washington COBB b. 27 Nov 1847, d. 19 Dec 1869
John Joseph COBB b. 22 Apr 1849, d. 20 Oct 1865
Mary Jane COBB b. 4 Jul 1851, d. 26 Nov 1877
Rowland Wallace COBB+ b. 9 Dec 1853, d. 1 Apr 1932
William Arthur COBB b. 27 Jul 1856, d. 17 Nov 1918
Adine Agnes COBB b. 15 Dec 1857, d. 25 Sep 1888
Richard Bryant COBB b. 3 Jan 1861, d. 10 Nov 1861
Murray Alexander COBB b. 13 Mar 1863
Harriett Ann COBB b. 13 Mar 1865


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