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John Clan GRAYSON (M)
b. 9 August 1770, d. 29 July 1826
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     John Clan GRAYSON Very little is known of John Grayson. In the 1809 Census he was listed as a resident of Madison County. He listed two males over 21 (one is presumably himself), four males under 21, one female over 21 (presumably his wife), two females under 21, and two slaves as belonging to his household. I would assume that John C. Grayson had already departed the household by this time, since John C.'s daughter (Mary) was married in 1815 1.

An interesting bit of information I came across shows that John Grayson was taken to court on 19 November 1814 for assault and battery on a certain John Gandy. According to the record, "with the teeth of him the said John Grayson then and there fastened upon the nose of him the said John Gandy did with great force and violence then and there bite, wound and bruise the nose of him the said John Gandy." Fascinating... John Grayson pleaded not guilty, and the plantiff dropped the suit! 1

According to the Alabama Records, John Grayson died in 1826 leaving a widow Sarah. Heirs named in the will were: John C. Grayson, MARY wife of BRYANT COBB, formerly Grayson, Charles, Geo., Ambrose, Napoleon B., James N., Jackson Grayson and Nancy, wife of John Sartin and Sarah, wife of George W. Sartin. 2 He was born on 9 August 1770 at Fincastle County, Virginia. He was the son of John GRAYSON and Barbary (?). John Clan GRAYSON married Sarah "Sally" CARTER on 23 October 1792. John Clan GRAYSON died on 29 July 1826 at Madison County, Alabama, at age 55.

Children of John Clan GRAYSON and Sarah "Sally" CARTER
George GRAYSON b. 11 Jan 1794, d. 15 Jan 1856
Mary (Polly) GRAYSON+ b. 8 Oct 1795, d. 25 Apr 1846
James GRAYSON b. Jul 1797, d. 1806
William GRAYSON b. Jul 1797, d. 1806
John Cullen GRAYSON+ b. 1 Apr 1799, d. 19 Jul 1849
Robert GRAYSON b. 30 Mar 1801, d. 19 Jul 1849
Charles GRAYSON b. 12 Jun 1803, d. 1855
Jackson GRAYSON b. 30 Aug 1805, d. 4 Aug 1853
Nancy GRAYSON b. 11 Jan 1808, d. a 1860
Ambrose G. GRAYSON b. 5 Apr 1810, d. 8 Nov 1853
Sarah (Sally) Ann GRAYSON b. 25 Aug 1811, d. 1860
Napoleon Bonaparte GRAYSON b. 10 Jan 1815, d. 1856
James Gordon GRAYSON b. 27 Mar 1817, d. 17 Mar 1864


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