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Amanda M. CAMPER (F)
b. 1821, d. 31 March 1877

     Amanda M. CAMPER Amanda Camper was Bryant Cobb's second wife. She and Bryant had four girls 1.

Polly's father, John C. Grayson, solemnized Bryant's marriage to Amanda, suggesting that he must have approved of the marriage. Amanda died at her residence at Cave Springs, near Vienna Alabama, on 31 March 1877 2. She was born in 1821 at Tennessee. She married Bryant COBB, son of David COBB and Martha BRYANT, on 23 December 1847 at Madison County, Alabama. As of 23 December 1847,her married name was COBB. Amanda M. CAMPER died on 31 March 1877 at Cave Springs (near Vienna), Alabama.

Children of Amanda M. CAMPER and Bryant COBB
Mary M. COBB b. c 1850
Berniece COBB b. c 1850
Frances M. COBB b. c 1854


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