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Like most genealogy research, my study of the Cobb family is a work in progress. The study of David Cobb and his descendents is no exception. While I'm fairly comfortable with my findings, there are some unanswered questions.

Most importantly, who were David Cobb's parents? Contemporary research would suggest that they were William Cobb and Sara Stansall of Wayne County, North Carolina. As near as I can tell, the link between the David Cobb of Madison County, Alabama, and the David Cobb of Wayne County, NC, was based on undocumented DAR genealogy submissions. Although North Carolina records indicate that a David Cobb did indeed live in Wayne County, I have not been able to uncover any source documents proving a relationship between David and William Cobb. Furthermore, a strong circumstantial case can be made that the David Cobb that moved to Alabama, might have been the David Cobb who resided in Martin County, NC, and was the son of John Cobb and Sarah (last name unknown).

Complicating matters is that the fact that there were two David Cobb's residing in northern Alabama in the early 1800's. Both originated in North Carolina and both served in the Revolutionary War. Although the David Cobb who is the subject of interest in my genealogical study was from Madison County and died in 1839, and the other David Cobb was from Lawrence County and died in 1827, I believe previous genealogical researchers may have fused information about the two of them together. At any rate, I have chosen not to publish any information on the ancestors of David Cobb until the question of his heritage has been resolved. I am looking for any strong evidence that establishes the lineage of David Cobb, including, but not limited to:

  • A copy of his marriage certificate showing where he and Martha were married (it should be in North Carolina in either Wayne or Martin County);

  • A copy of his son's (Stancil Cobb's) birth certificate identifying his place of birth and parents;

  • A copy of the family record from Bryant Cobb's Bible, which he willed to his daughter Arminnie Cobb;

  • Any Alabama records that required David Cobb to identify his birthplace and/or parents (Note: I didn't find anything at the State Archives in Montgomery that could answer this question, so I would recommend any future searches start at the Madison County archives in Huntsville).

I hope that my research has been of help to all of you that are interested in the Cobb family. I'll be posting updates and more information as I continue my research so check back again.

Robert Reyes

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