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Catharina FRIEDMANN (F)
b. 6 June 1799, d. 13 January 1843
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     Catharina FRIEDMANN was born on 6 June 1799 at Streitberg, Germany. She was the daughter of Michael FRIEDMANN and Johanna Christina MADER. Catharina FRIEDMANN died on 13 January 1843 at Streitberg, Germany, at age 43.
     Catharina FRIEDMANN Still not entirely sure on the relationship between Georg Adam, Catharina, and Michael. Family records initially indicated that Georg Adam was the son of Michael. However, genealogical research done in Germany by a hired genealogist indicates that Catharina was Georg Adam's mother and Michael was Georg Adam's grandfather. Furthermore, Catharina was the illegitimate daughter of Georg Adam, and Georg Adam was the illegitimate son of Catharina. Georg Adam's father is unknown, and he apparently retained his mother's last name.

Child of Catharina FRIEDMANN
Georg Adam FRIEDMANN+ b. 7 Oct 1824, d. 19 Oct 1879


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