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Featuring Cobb - Reyes - Bauer - Woodson Lineages

This website contains links to four primary family lines: Cobb, Reyes, Bauer, and Woodson, but has information for many other families as well. I've tried very hard to source my material and be as accurate as possible with all of my information, but with a project this size (and with my limited time and resources) mistakes are bound to happen -- hopefully they are few and far between! Should you come across any errors, please let me know -- send me a note.


The Cobb family line focuses primarily on the Cobb's that originally settled in Madison County, Alabama. Other families researched include Price's, Grayson's, Moore's, and Sicard's. (Last updated: 30 December 2005)

The Reyes family line originated in Mexico and settled in Dona Ana, New Mexico after a short stay in Bisbee, Arizona. Other families highlighted in this research include Cuaron and Miranda. (Last updated: 12 April 2008)

The Bauer family line focuses on the Bauer's that originated in Bavaria, Germany. Other families include Friedmann, Wolf, and Benkert. (Last updated: 30 December 2005)

The Woodson family line focuses on the Woodsons that originated in Colonial Virginia. The family research also includes information on many other families, including Barr, McDill, and Singleton. (Last updated: 30 December 2005)

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